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PMO seeks to take all the appropriate steps within the framework of its statutory mandate to accomplish its functions and responsibilities by ensuring:

  1. Improved and enhanced conditions of service to attract and retain qualified staff;
  2. Effectiveness of the Public Service and the personal development of public officers through improving operational methods and monitoring and controlling their implementation;
  3. Regular staff inspections and reviews and making recommendations for improvements; and
  4. That public officers get the requisite skills for effective service delivery.
  5. Objectives

In order to achieve the above objective, the PMO through the Public Service Reform and Institutional Capacity development project is undergoing series of reforms focusing on:

  • Strengthening government’s leadership and coordination role in public service reform
  • Development and implementation of short-term strategies to address pressing capacity gaps, focusing on critical skills and capacities in selected strategic areas   ( i.e economic governance, policy formulation and strategic management)
  • Assisting key public service institutions to identify appropriate structures, human resources and systems that will enable them to carry out their  functions efficiently and effectively in the medium term
  • Putting in place a comprehensive long-term vision and strategy for an efficient and public service sustained by institutional arrangements and partnerships.

This we hoped this will enhance the effectiveness of public institutions as the country works towards achieving Vision 2020. Therefore we need the support of all stakeholders and we hope we will work together to achieve our dreams.

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