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Management Service Division


- Providing on-the-job training for staff of the Division in staff inspection and related assignment activities, job evaluation and the development and review of the Scheme of Service

- To monitor the work of assignment terms, approving the preparation and presentation of reports and ensuring that follow up action is taken on implementation of recommendations.

- To oversee the development and review of the Schemes of Service in order to ensure uniform standards, procedures and quality in all cadres of the Civil Service. This involves the establishment of realistic qualifications and training requirements to maintain professional standards as well as appearing before the Public Service Commission to provide clarifications.

- To conduct job evaluation exercises including the preparation of job descriptions and job specifications.

- To participate in the scrutiny of staffing proposals from the Ministry of Finance during the annual Estimates exercise, and to attend bilateral budget discussions with the Ministry, to ensure that the agreed level are not exceeded in manpower budget terms.

- To monitor and control the employment and payment of daily paid workers in the Civil Service.

- To develop and disseminate guidelines on the best practices in activities common to a number of Ministries.

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