Core values

Service: We pledge through our oath to encourage and support those who serve the wider public or community through their work as government employees;

Respect: We extend consideration and appreciation to employees, customers and stakeholders, fostering a fair, open and honest workplace environment. We listen to the ideas and opinions expressed by others. We treat others as we would wish to be treated;

Integrity: We uphold a standard of transparency, accountability and reliability. We conscientiously perform our operations to promote a government workforce that is worthy of the public trust;

Diversity: We honor our employees and customers through inclusiveness and respect for the various perspectives and backgrounds that each brings to the workplace;

Enthusiasm: We embrace our work and the challenges of the future with excitement, energy and optimism. We are open to the possibilities of change and eagerly unite in the spirit of ‘yes we can”.

Excellence: We fulfill our mission by providing relevant and timely services, as well as superior customer services that reflect our commitment to collaboration and the highest standards of quality;

Innovation: We constantly seek new ways to accomplish our work and generate extraordinary results. We are dedicated to delivering creative and forward-looking solutions and advance the modernization of human resources management.